So there was a lot of fuss last week about the #10DayChallenge that Jennifer Lopez (and boyfriend Alex Rodriguez) started.

As challenge fashion would have it, they took to posting on social media as well as calling out friends to join them.

While I’m not typically one to get caught up in the hype of what’s trending with Pop-culture or the Stars, there seems to be some debate around J.Lo’s authority to dish out this particular challenge. As in, “who is she to promote weight loss or likewise?”  

Now don’t get me wrong – I like sound information and lifestyle nutrition, but I really don’t think we need to chase Jenny back to the block just yet.

In fact, I like a good challenge every now and then. I also like to know what I’m signing myself up for so I did a bit of research and thought I’d share.

Here are a 10 extra ‘deets’ that might be worth reviewing:

  1. A challenge by definition is a call to take part in a contest or competition. Typically there is a time limit and a level of discomfort. This particular challenge is 10 days long.
  2. This particular challenge includes a no-carb, no-sugar diet, which means weeding out all added sugar and all starchy carbs—(skipping the obvious stuff like bread, pasta, cookies, candies, etc.)
  3. Furthermore, during this challenge you take out starchy veggies, dairy, and fruits (which have naturally occurring sugars) with the exception of berries (these are allowed).
  4. Other things you can have include non-starchy vegetables like cauliflower, zucchini, cucumbers, peppers and broccoli, along with meats, nuts, seeds, and nut butters, along with various condiments and things like guacamole, olive oil, and salsa. You can have coffee (just skip the milk).
  5. You will likely need to find ways to replace your calories to support the lack of a major macro-nutrient (carbohydrates) that you eliminate, again for 10 days. This leaves protein and fat.  Per A.Rod “No carbs + no sugar = lots of meat.”
  6. Less calories and less fiber filling carbohydrates including whole grain and fruit will leave you hungry. Per J.Lo on Instagram – “So it turns out, when you don’t have sugar and you don’t have carbs, you’re really really hungry all the time,” and without the quick energy carbohydrates can provide between meals become a challenge in itself.  “So we’re trying to figure out a lot of good snacks,” she added.
  7. If you are not a meat and vegetable lover then this challenge may not be for you. It would likely defeat the purpose to supplement the literal sh*t out of the 10 days with fiber and protein (i.e. a diet low in carbohydrate and fiber = no crap).
  8. A challenge is challenging… A.Rod shared more in his Instagram Stories: “I’m on the second day of this 10-day challenge, it seemed like a great idea when I challenged all of you,” he said. “I have had eggs and avocado today. I’m dying,” he added.
  9. Let’s get real, if your abs were not close to where J.Lo started then 10 days later your abs will still not be close to where J.Lo started. Take note: half of J.Lo’s posts also seemed to appear surrounding her gym routine. Exercise is part of her healthy routine.
  10. J.Lo is not a nutrition professional, so if she inspired you to try to cut the carbohydrate and the sugar from your diet for 10 days, please review the list above, use common sense and seek further advice if you have health concerns.

Mic drop –

. . . because I’m certainly not going to take up singing.?