Healthy can be simple and delicious. Don’t believe me? Then explore our collection of nourishing, family-friendly recipes.  If it’s not something I enjoy myself, I would not serve it up to you.

The #10DayChallenge

So there was a lot of fuss last week about the #10DayChallenge that Jennifer Lopez (and boyfriend Alex Rodriguez) started. As challenge fashion would have it, they took to posting on social media as well as calling out friends to join them. While I’m not typically one...

New Year, New Me

Welcome to Please allow me to reintroduce myself as I’ve done something I don’t find easy to do. I have gotten uncomfortable and I’ve made a change. As a female one of the biggest changes we can make in our lives is a name change. No worries, I am still...

The Never Ending Ride? Not Necessarily.

The Never Ending Ride? Not Necessarily. Buckle up friends, we are going for a ride on a roller coaster. This is the vivid picture, if you will, of a person who chronically races from one diet to the next.  Much like that first big rush on the roller coaster, the...

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