Healthy can be simple and delicious. Don’t believe me? Then explore our collection of nourishing, family-friendly recipes.  If it’s not something I enjoy myself, I would not serve it up to you.

The Never Ending Ride? Not Necessarily.

The Never Ending Ride? Not Necessarily. Buckle up friends, we are going for a ride on a roller coaster. This is the vivid picture, if you will, of a person who chronically races from one diet to the next.  Much like that first big rush on the roller coaster, the...

Multitasking Versus Focus

Is multitasking really that bad? As it turns out, it’s not the healthiest for you. Personally, I used to claim MOM stood for Mother of Multitasking. I wore it as a badge of honor.  I could accomplish so many things in so little time. After all, with so many hats,...

Misplaced Faith

Have you ever misplaced your faith? One of the greatest challenges of working in the nutrition industry is watching people respond to misplaced faith. The results can be catastrophic on self- belief, confidence and reaching goals. What does nutrition have to do with...

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