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The Golden Rule remains FOOD FIRST. That said, I am a firm believer in finding and using the right tools to keep you on task. By tools, I am referring to Meal Planners, Food Trackers, Small Kitchen Appliances, and Supplements. When I find something I love, I hate to keep it a secret.

Some of the products and tools on this page you will find in your local shopping centers and on grocery store shelves, while others you may want to order. Some of these tools can benefit those already in, or pursuant of the nutrition and fitness industry. (See Collaborations)


Are you a gym owner looking to provide nutritional guidance to your clientele?

Have you ever wished you had gone to school to be a nutritionist?

Are you considering or pursuing a career path in the nutrition and fitness industry?

Do you know the perfect person who should be looking for a health-related side hustle?


If you said yes to any of these we should talk!  

In addition to my above offerings, I am an avid fitness enthusiast and I love to implement sound nutrition advice and programs in gym settings. We can discuss creating a menu item for your clientele.

Looking for added income sharing products, backed by science that help people look better, feel better and perform better? I can offer insight to a world-class product line backed by integrity and a proven sales model to generate additional part-time income.  I have been in the direct sales industry for over 9 years and can answer your questions and equip you to find an opportunity if mine is not the right fit. This website and my personal coaching practice are fueled (part-time) by working with this exact tool.

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