Welcome to LizBlom.com

Please allow me to reintroduce myself as I’ve done something I don’t find easy to do. I have gotten uncomfortable and I’ve made a change. As a female one of the biggest changes we can make in our lives is a name change. No worries, I am still happily married to my spouse of 18 years. This name change happens to be business related.  And while there seems to be almost as much paperwork involved, it feels like a perfect fit.

So how did this all come to be? I’ll backtrack briefly to bring you up to speed …

Too many times I’ve stood on the sideline, listening to women struggle with their confidence; confidence in their body, confidence in their food choices and confidence in what to do next. Many times these women were in fact working out next to me in a class at the gym, working as hard if not harder than myself. Sometimes the overwhelm had them frozen in inactivity. Other times they were all too active jumping from one hoop (diet) to the next and the weight of defeat was mounting. To top it all off, they had a family to feed. I became fed up and got into action.

On October 2017, after months of preparation and years of procrastination, I launched what I thought would be my dream business with the ambition to grow beyond myself.

I gave my business a clever name with a corporate feel.  However, as mompreneurship should have it, I realized that my goals exceeded my current capacity to keep my focus and priorities in line with what I do best.

Outside of my personal responsibilities (wifing, mothering, taxiing kids, self care and more) I pride myself on the customization and personalized attention I provide clients, making it something only I can offer and embody because my personal philosophy is based on real life nutrition and the individual experience.

As a corporate brand I struggled with a bit of impostor syndrome.

I knew it was my voice and my experience alone that I was speaking from and therefore the challenge to stay authentic would make it difficult to impart on others to adopt.  Long story short: I’ve decided to re-brand as a personal brand because my purpose is mine alone and my messaging comes from my heart and passion to help others find their way, a real way to work with food as a means to fuel their way of life.


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