Have you ever misplaced your faith?

One of the greatest challenges of working in the nutrition industry is watching people respond to misplaced faith. The results can be catastrophic on self- belief, confidence and reaching goals.

What does nutrition have to do with religion? Nothing in this case, although I find the two topics can bring about the same level of debate.

Faith by one definition is having complete confidence or trust in someone or something.

With a plethora of diets, miracle foods, dos and don’ts it can be very easy to misplace our faith. The more times we misplace our faith the more we find ourselves lacking trust. Worse yet, we lose faith in our own abilities to succeed.

When the faith is gone we begin to lose trust in the process. In a quick fix, get it now, overnight Amazon ordering society this is happening at an increasing rate.

If we lose faith in ourselves and our abilities, where do we go next? At what point do we throw in the towel?

Here are five things to think about if you have misplaced your faith or have lost it altogether.

Think about the big picture.

It’s easy to see the big picture, the promises and the end result. What we don’t see? We don’t see the journey with the small consistent actions that support the end result or the little things in between now and our future self.

Review your personal lifestyle.

What does your daily life look like? Sure, Keto worked great for your single, much disciplined friend who loves meat, is highly motivated and is working with a professional who is well versed in helping them through the process. Are you exactly like your friend? Perhaps you are not.

Revisit your values.

What do you believe? Is sugar bad? Is artificial sweetener toxic? Do you only eat organic? Does price matter? How do you feel about structure, convenience, or restriction? Do you have a family to feed and is it important that you share meals together? Your values should be grounded in purpose which leads to number four.

Examine your WHY.

Why do you value what you do? Is it because it’s what you read in a headline? Heard in passing from the television? Could it be more personal? Maybe you lost someone or have seen someone struggle and you surmise or know its health and nutrition related.

If not you then who?

If you have tried again and again without success perhaps you need a coach of sorts. We cannot be good at all things. (I’m willing to guess many of us have tried). Have you placed your faith in someone that is knowledgeable, has your best interest in mind and that will hold you accountable? Do your homework and find the right person.

Like most things in life, faith takes time. We don’t just meet someone and automatically give them our trust. It takes repeated conversation and encounters. Faith requires consistency. Out of site out of mind. If we do not build it like a muscle with daily exercises we can lose the momentum.

Keep working on building your faith muscle. The stronger it gets, the less likely you will misplace it.