Gratitude: it fuels the soul. What if we were able to turn every disappointment or loss into a learning opportunity or gain? What if I told you, you can? 

Honestly, there is something powerful about flipping the switch on your mindset, to choose to believe when one door closes, another will open. Think about it. We all know someone we aspire to be like. The person that despite the most adverse life events, manages to wear a smile, walk in faith, and live life to the fullest. Sometimes he or she is facing the unimaginable: cancer, loss of a child or a spouse. It’s not a matter of choosing to change the circumstances, rather how we choose to respond. 

We have so much to be grateful for and if we just pause long enough to point those things out, better yet reflect and write them down. It’s hard to live in a place of darkness for long. If it helps, use Mel Robbins, Five Second Rule. Now realize when I share this, or any of the things I share in writing, that I am speaking to myself. So much so that sometimes it’s likely I may not make any sense to you. After all, you are in my head (sorry, that’s likely up there with your worst fear). 

I’ve experienced both highs and lows. I’m willing to bet you have too. Like a rollercoaster, I rode to the top and plunged to the bottom, only to stay there too long in self-pity and safety. As for this gratitude thing, it’s only been two days, but for some reason, it feels entirely different. Perhaps because I am sharing it. Seriously, I decided. That’s it. 

Creatives, entrepreneurs, mom bosses: I challenge you to join in. If you have been struggling to find something to share, connect, or otherwise, this is a challenge for you. There are plenty of days left in November. As I build on my list of gratitudes, I also invite you to stay close and connected. My goal is to build a tribe, and I would love for you to be part of it. 

This is where analysis paralysis usually kicks in. However, along with the attitude of gratitude, I am adopting a “done is better than perfect” mantra, and trumping fear with action. It’s exhausting holding yourself back, do you agree? So, look for one of my free offerings, so we can connect by email, or just remember to drop by on one of my social feeds @lizblomnutrition, and we can hold one another accountable.