Do you suffer from FOMO (FEAR OF MISSING OUT)?

I do!  Especially this time of year.

Perhaps it’s the thought of the out with the old and in with the new. How does one keep up? What if the goals set forth for this year are the very same as last year?

It’s easy to see what is missing when you don’t take time to reflect on what is not.  Is FOMO part of the unrealistic expectations we set up for ourselves?

In addition to FOMO I suffer from perfectionism, which leads to overwhelm, which then leads to shut down.  It’s not in all areas of my life, but it is in areas that matter to me.  I’ve often wondered why that is.

What most people place at the top of their resolution list, I’ve achieved.  Currently, I wake up at 4:20AM at least 3 mornings per week for a 5AM workout. I eat mindfully and for the most part healthfully. I take supplements daily.  THIS IS NOT TO SAY LOOK AT ME.  I have to remind myself it was not always this way.

Where I’m disciplined in my health practices I make up for with lack in many other ways.  My house is often a mess. My meals remain unplanned. I have yet to figure out an ideal time management system. Social media strategy and technologically running a business at a high level escapes me … AND, the list goes on and on.

My point is, just because you may suffer from FOMO like me doesn’t mean all hope is lost.  I’m telling you this as much as I am telling myself.  Again, I think the key is in taking note of what we do have, or what we have accomplished to date so that we may apply it to what we would like more of in the future.  This also means letting go of what is holding us back.

LIGHT BULB MOMENT – Why do we not partner with others who suffer from FOMO in the areas that we have mastered, knowing that they are likely ‘rocking it’ in the areas where we can use help? Wouldn’t that be advantageous?  We are excellent at seeing others strengths outside of our own.  Wouldn’t we all be a little less fearful with the right people in in our corner?

This year one of my goals is to ask for help in areas where I lack. Will you hold me to it? I can do the same for you!

The point is: just Say NO to FOMO.  

Make 2018 your best year yet!

Not perfect, but enough.